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The Galley


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The Lower Decks

The lower decks of the NORTH CAROLINA are where the men lived, ate, slept, and worked.

See the way the ships galley was set up to serve thousands of meals daily.  Take note the to stoves and cooking utensils were vary large.  Hundreds of men at the time would sit in the mess area to get their meals.

Visit sickbay area where doctors dealt with the everyday medical duties necessary to maintain the men on board.  From common colds to dental necessities to surgery, the medical staff on board performed a major duty in the everyday life on a Battleship.

  • Engine Room
  • Galley and Mess Decks (dining areas)
  • Berthing areas and Heads (bathrooms)
  • Post Office, Barber Shop, Print Shop, Shoe Repair, Photographer's Dark Room, Laundry and Chapel
  • Sick Bay (Medical and Dental)
  • Computer Room for aiming and firing 5-inch and
    16-inch guns
  • Giant Ammunition Magazines for storing the 16-inch projectiles and the equipment that loaded them
  • Offices for Departments such as Gunnery and Supply
  • Radio Central and Coding Room
  • Machine Shop


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