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US Order of Battle for the Invasion of Guadalcanal
Compiled by Matthew Rodriguez, Jr.

Allied Naval Forces
Invasion of Guadacanal: August 7, 1942

Task Force 61: (Covering Force)

Aircraft Carriers:		
CV-3	USS Saratoga
CV-6	USS Enterprise
CV-7	USS Wasp

BB-55	USS North Carolina

Heavy Cruisers:
CA-27	USS Salt Lake City
CA-32	USS New Orleans	
CA-33	USS Portland
CA-36	USS Minneapolis	
CA-38	USS San Francisco

Light Cruiser:
CL-51	USS Atlanta

DD-348	USS Farragut
DD-351	USS MacDonough
DD-352	USS Worden
DD-353	USS Dale
DD-360	USS Phelps
DD-363	USS Balch
DD-397	USS Benham
DD-399	USS Lang
DD-401	USS Maury
DD-406	USS Stack
DD-407	USS Sterret
DD-433	USS Gwin
DD-435	USS Grayson
DD-459	USS Laffey
DD-483	USS Aaron Ward
DD-491	USS Farenholt

Fleet Oilers:
AO-1		USS Kanawha
AO-22	USS Cimarron
AO-24	USS Platte
AO-25	USS Sabine
AO-27	USS Kaskakia		
Task Force 62:	(Amphibious Force)

Heavy Cruisers:
CA-29	USS Chicago
CA-34	USS Astoria
CA-39	USS Quincy
CA-44	USS Vincennes
HMAS	Australia
HMAS	Canberra

Light Cruisers:
CL-54	USS San Juan (AAA)
HMAS	Hobart

DD-349	USS Dewey
DD-350	USS Hull
DD-357	USS Selfridge
DD-386	USS Bagley
DD-387	USS Blue
DD-389	USS Mugford
DD-390	USS Ralph Talbot
DD-391	USS Henley
DD-392	USS Patterson
DD-393	USS Jarvis
DD-398	USS Ellet
DD-408	USS Wilson
DD-436	USS Monssen
DD-484	USS Buchanan

High Speed Minesweepers:
DMS-10	USS Southard
DMS-11	USS Hovey
DMS-13	USS Hopkins
DMS-14	USS Zane
DMS-16	USS Trevor

Attack Transports:
APA-3	USS Zelin
APA-4	USS McCawley	
APA-5	USS Barnett
APA-7	USS Fuller			
APA-9	USS Nevelle
APA-14	USS Hunter Liggett
APA-7	USS American Legion
APA-18	USS President Jackson
APA-20	USS President Adams
APA-21	USS Cresent City

Regular Transport:
AP-13	USS George F. Elliot

Attack Cargo Transports:
AKA-3	USS Bellatrix
AKA-5	USS Formalhaut	
AKA-9	USS Alhena
AKA-11	USS Betelguese		
AKA-12	USS Libra

High Speed Transports: 
APD-2	USS Calhoun
APD-3	USS Gregory 
APD-4	USS Little
APD-5	USS McKean

Compiled and by Matthew Rodriguez Jr.
Copyright  1996,1997 by Matthew Rodriguez Jr.
Reproduction, reuse or distribution without permission is prohibited

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